I ate at Northstar for lunch yesterday. It’s by far my favorite Columbus restaurant.  Nearly everything can be made veggie and nearly everything is organic.

words to live by

I ordered the Village Salad, which I am sure is one of the best salads I’ve ever laid mouth on.  Dates, avocado, tomatoes, corn, roasted almonds and perfectly seared tofu.  Did I mention rosemary foccacia? Drool.

I ate at Northstar for lunch again today.

northstar burger veganized, obviously

When I realized that the guy at the register was the same one who took my order a mere 24 hours ago, I quickly said, “Hi, yes, I was here yesterday…that’s embarassing.”

He laughed and replied, “Oh, it’s ok!  Yesterday I worked from ten to eight and three people came in for breakfast and then again later for dinner.”  What a sweetheart.  Droolworthy food and service.  🙂

* * *

On a more serious note, the vegan gods are crying.

No, not Steve-O (who is vegan, but not a god).

What I mean is that I ate Fage greek yogurt today.  I was in dire need of probiotics and I really missed my old best friend.  Of course there are plenty of vegan sources of probiotics, like non-dairy yogurt and fermented vegetables, but those just weren’t cutting it for me.

It was staring at me at Target today, begging to be bought.  I just couldn’t resist.


Fage Total 0%, TJ’s cinnamon, organic honey, vanilla almond crunch granola (with an impressive 4g of sugar per serving) and chia seeds.

Assemble the goods attractively, pray to the vegan gods for forgiveness, and dive in to a big bowl of sin.

Now I’m off to babysit–I don’t want the bank account gods crying, too.


9 thoughts on “sinning

  1. that exact yogurt, cinnamon, but then TJ’s enhanced almond butter and some blueberries and or protein powder and or sweet potato is my AM food all day! I’ve never had dates in a salad but boy do I want to try it given how much I love them

  2. AHH the village salad has just about everything you could ever dream of. they’ve got just about the best tofu i’ve ever had and sub that for chicken and its so delish!! Makes me miss cbus so much!

    know how to make tofu like that?

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