“Without me, it is just aweso.”

It brings me great joy to announce that the Hummusapien way may be catching on!

I’ve been gettings lots of awesome questions and comments!

  1. “What the hell is nutritional yeast?! They really need to rename it.  It reminds me of…”  Yeahhh.
  2. “I bought organic corn syrup-free Heinz ketchup the other day!”
  3. “OMG there’s a taco cook off AND so much free beer.  So hard to resist meat.”  But she did.
  4. “Lara bar and a banana is my breakfast.  Thanks hummusapien ;)”

I can’t describe how good it feels to know that I’ve made even the tiniest impact. I LOVE showing people that eating healthily is easy and FUN, and comments/questions like these make it SO worth it! Blogging has taught me how important it is to take your passion and run with it. Keem ’em coming!

And my all time favorite…

“Look at you changing people’s lives already!”

* * *

As a disclaimer, I want to make sure you all understand that I respect every one’s food choices and by no means do I want to change anyone’s personal views on diet! I’ll respect you no matter if you’re an omnivore, crabivore or cerealivore.  I just love being a resource when people become interested in all this meatless mayhem!  Kapeesh?!

With that said….Nikki and Ally have announced that they are going veggie!! They both read Skinny Bitch per my recent post and it seems to have had an impact! Ally went cold turkey and has been eating vegan for over a week and Nikki is dipping her toes in the meatless world, takin’ it slow.  They both made this decision completely on their own!  You rock, girls!  

And SaunBaun and Liabanana have hopped on the peanut butter train.

I don’t think they’re getting off any time soon.  I mean, it’s not like we’re going to run out.

Saunbaun used to say, “I’m not a breakfast person,” which is like saying “I’m not a tofu person.”  I have a theory that everyone is a breakfast person and everyone likes tofu.  Most people just haven’t realized it yet.  She now has peanut butter on an adorable whole wheat mini bagel for breakfast nearly every day.  Sometimes the girls even request one after school!  Except yesterday, when they asked for a peanut butter banana smoothie, and I happily obliged.  Even if it was made with Graeter’s vanilla ice cream.

Hey tofu, you’re next!

Yesterday we had salad for dinner, and I caught LiaBanana dipping her mustard in arugula. Would you like some salad with that mustard? Hmmmm… remember my mustard love?   Hummusapien in the making….

I’ll pretend that all this hummusapien love is the reason why I felt it was necessary to go to Giant Eagle last night at 11:45pm after babysitting for eight hours.  To get bananas.  It was a strange crowd.

Five bananas and seven hours of sleep later, LiaBanana and I were starting off the day right with oat bran.  I wanted to get pumpkin last night during my redeye grocery run, but they only had the pumpkin pie filling.  No thank you, unnecessary sugar syrup.

breakfast #one: oat bran with almond milk, chia seeds, cinnamon, stevia, granola and chocolate almond butter

The chocolate almond butter is seriously ridiculous. I literally smiled after every bite.

Breakfast #1.5 was this beauty.

organic Tazo chai tea

I steeped this tea in half unsweetened vanilla almond milk and half water. Stir in some cinnamon and honey.  Creamy dreamy milky perfection.

Breakfast #2 was Ezekial toast with hummus and nooch.  Derrrr.

The lunch request today was Babysitter’s Beans and Rice . It needed some serious greenery, so I whipped up a spinach salad with dressing made of fresh lime juice, honey, dijon mustard, sea salt and fresh ground pepper.  Tangy.

you know I love a proportionate bite

Now that I’m in Cleveland, I had to whip up a blogworthy smoothie for the fam.  Tonight it was peachy keen: frozen peaches, banana, milk, a splash of OJ and ice.  Simple and dee-vine.  No pics because I turned my head and it was gone. That seems to be happening a lot lately. Weird.

Also note that being in Cleveland means….ORGANIC ENERGY!! Look out for a post about the food heaven shortly.

Veggie wisdom of the day: Contrary to popular belief, kids don’t come out of the womb hating broccoli. They can be molded to crave cheetos and pop tarts.  And they can be molded to appreciate farmer’s market cherries and romaine. Or even just an apple straight up. You’d be surprised at how cool kids think it is to see with their own eyes that not all their food comes from a factory or a truck.  

Question: What would you like to see most in an upcoming post? Your wish is my command!


2 thoughts on ““Without me, it is just aweso.”

  1. It appears you have no comments on this post yet, so I will comment.
    1. Why did you make beans and rice without me????
    2. Unfortunately, I was not there to see the beauty of the picture of the beans and rice.
    3. I will eat the leftovers.

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