calories only exist if you count them

I walked in the door last Friday and saw/smelled a bubbling hot Jimmy Daddona’s mushroom and onion pizza sitting on the counter.  And buttery garlic knots.  And their anything but vegan to-die-for salad dressing. 

Calories only exist if you count them, right?

The next day when I was babysitting, the little kids both wanted Mitchell’s cookies and cream ice cream.  After they finished their cheesy breadsticks.  And pizza. With sausage.

What’s next? Corn pops?!

Hey, at least the oreos in the ice cream were vegan.  But really.

Then, at our labor day cook out, every one ate Angus beef burgers and yummy hot dogs.  Well thank heavens that my uncle was kind enough to have a Morningstar veggie burger waiting for me!  Finally, some relief!

I wouldn’t have noticed if I was eating a shoe after all the condiments I put on that thing.

morningstar veg burger on whole wheat bun with loads of ketch and mustard, carrot fries and asian salad

In short, my limits were tested, and I definitely ate some crapola and enjoyed every bite.  But have no fear, I still managed to squeeze in some yummy vegan eats!

First thing’s first….chocolate.

I made my first pie! Vegan French Silk Pie from Mama Pea‘s cookbook. If you want the recipe, buy the book. I also made her PB & J muffins, which were divine as well.

This was a great pie! I did add a bit more chocolate and some maple syrup because I thought it needed a touch more sweetness.  I loved that the crust was whole wheat and didn’t include partially hydrogenated oil like every other pie on the planet, including the peach pie at the party.

More labor day yums…

can you spot the veggie burger?

And of course, there was a family affair at Organic Energy.

Swiss chard roll ups with jicama and squash. Yummmm.

Yes, I ate the whole thing.

I also made Vegan Mushroom Cream Sauce from Daily Garnish.  I used whole wheat pasta instead of spaghetti squash and  added in some baby spinach. It was unreal.  Make it now.

And then there was good old PF Chang’s Ma Po tofu with broccoli and brown rice.  It had enough sodium for a year.

And multiple pieces of Dove’s delicious dark chocolate.



16 thoughts on “calories only exist if you count them

  1. i hope you can make the pb&j muffins/cupcakes for us! also, finally had a peanut butter bagel for breakfast today!! YAY! nice, long post with lots o’ pics! i like it! and also, also, nice about the REALLY HEALTHY [meant to be italic (and sarcastic)] food that those kids ate. i haven’t had real sausage in years!

    • it’s about time that you had a peanut butter bagel for breakfast! I was getting worried that you were sick of them…. Can’t remember the last time I had real sausage either!

  2. MMMMM ….except for the shrooms. im working on it tho! i had an amys thai lemongrass and coconut soup that had mushrooms and i ate them! they didnt taste very shroomy but its a start right?

  3. Haha… I love the condiments as well! I looked at your burger and felt a little flutter… Good to know about the Mama Pea Pie, I bought her cookbook but haven’t made anything out of it yet. Have been pretty busy lately and hadn’t been home. Soon! I really want to try the PB&J muffins though! oh, and the mama pea dough balls!! OH, and just about everything in there!

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