toasted tofurkey

I’m fairly sure that turkey sandwiches aren’t vegan.  I think turkeys have mothers.  And faces.

With lunch box season in bloom, it would be really nice to pack a sandwich.  Back in the day, I’d die for a turkey and muenster. A tuna with tomato and cheddar.  A corned beef on rye with LiaBanana portions of mustard. 

These days, my sandwich options are either a pb and j or a hummus and veggie.  Eh, not that impressed. Let’s step it up a notch.  Or else we’ll be forced to eat gorgeous salads every day.

Building a vegan turkey sandwhich isn’t as scary as it sounds. Promise.

It  sounds gross, right?  Right.

It tastes pretty much like regular turkey, right?  Right.

It’s made with freaky ingredients, right?  WRONG!

It’s basically made with organic tofu, vital wheat gluten and spices that give it a nice smokey edge.  I’m not gonna lie…I was scared of it.  Eating regular lunch meat turns me off  because of all the salt and chemicals and slime.  Eating lunch meat that isn’t even lunch meat turns me off even more.  I’m not a fan of vegan chick’n/meat/cheese…I like to stick with whole food versions that have similar taste profiles.

Well, I stand corrected.

Nikki’s new veg self came home with lots of my old time Trader Joe’s favorites: hummus, Ezekiel bread, tons of veggies, apples, etc.  Then I saw the tofurkey and thought, “Ok, Nik.  Now you’re gonna teach me something!”

She buttered up (with Earth Balance obviously) some Ezekiel bread and started toasting it on the stove.  Then she spread on some spicy brown mustard. It was nice to see normal amounts of mustard.  I’m used to LiaBanana pouring it into her mouth like cheez whiz.

Now we’re no longer tofurkey virgins.  Hallelujah!

The TJ’s guacamole kit was getting jealous, so we got down to business.

Now we’re finally relaxing, watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding to go along with our big fat green bellies.

 “Ian’s a vegetarian… He doesn’t eat meat.”

“What do you mean you don’t eat no meat?!  That’s ok.  I make lamb!”


14 thoughts on “toasted tofurkey

  1. I’ve never tried Tofurky but it sounds good! I’m a tofu nut.. and the balsamic marinated tofu found in Kennedy and the Union is seriousllly so good haha. I was surprised to see so many veg options on campus!

  2. Today at the grocery store (Giant Eagle) a man at one of those food-tester places said, “Would you like some sausage?” and my mom said, “We don’t eat meat.” and the guy was like, “You DON’T EAT MEAT???” and my mom said, “Yeah. We’re such strange Ohioans! We don’t eat meat!” and we walked off.

    • it was so good! we got a kit at Trader Joe’s that came with the avocados, onion, garlic, lime and tomato. It cost like $3.30. Avocados are pricey these days. Then we added fresh cilantro and TJ’s frozen roasted corn!!

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