Beneath this beautiful roasted veggie-quinoa-bean bowl (recipe coming!) was a very interesting article.

Lettuce take a closer look.

Wex has done some cool things.  First of all, he shops at Trader Joe’s.  The friendly cashier pointed out his driver and fancy silver car to Ally and I last time we were there.  He also recently donated some pocket change, $100 million,  to OSU.  But  more importantly, the Wexner Center is home to a fab new cafe.

Heirloom Cafe.  On Campus. Local and organic ingredients.  Seasonal menu.  Vegetarian and vegan options.  Need I say more?

This Wex knows his stuff.

Kara and I decided to eat lunch at Heirloom today.  There are actually many more meat options than veg and they’re mostly all organic which is quite exciting!   I noticed butternut squash guacamole and hummus as sides on the menu… love at first sight.  The chef has worked for Northstar as well, so you know the food is bound to be humbelievable.

I of course ordered the Grainy as a side.  It was so fresh and had a great cilantro lime tanginess. Did you notice the locally grown Ohio apples to the left? Oh yeah.

I ordered the Big Salad–mixed greens, arugula, pasta (got it without), sunflower seeds, raisins, currants, carrot, broccoli, cucumber, white balsamic maple vinaigrette and some SERIOUS croutons.  The croutons were warm and crispy and amazing, definitely the star of the salad.  The woman who brought our food said the pasta makes the salad, so next time I’ll get it with the pasta.  The vinaigrette was fresh and perfect. It was definitely reminded me of the dressing on my favorite Village Salad at Northstar.

The only problem was that it wasn’t that big.  Hmmmm, “the Big Salad”….riiiight.

The Grainy.  Aptly named… definitely “not your granny’s grainy!” 

Take a bite. It won’t kill ya.

I highly recommend this place.  Honestly, there really is nothing else like it on campus.  It’s refreshing to go somewhere where I actually want everything on the menu.   They have awesome looking desserts and coffee, too.

If you don’t take my advice, at least stop by the farmer’s market on fifteenth and high because it’s literally right on your way home.

See you there!


9 thoughts on “Heirloom

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  2. ate there today! got the sweet corn and green chile quiche, i just couldnt resist. it was delish (but not quite salty enough)

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