Life’s Little Lessons: Part II

I had a ton of amazing food that I was planning on blogging about today. 

Do you remember Life’s Little Lessons Part I? Well, as I sat down and started to tell you about my spinach salad with tofu dippers and hemp seeds, something else spilled onto the keys.  A  little bit of coffee, a little bit of a lemon Larabar, and a lot of random thoughts.  So for once, if it’s ok with you, I’m gonna put food on the back burner.

When I became vegan, I decided to give up caffeine for a while to see how it effected my body.  I was never one of those people who needed coffee or tea in the morning to start the day, but I did have it periodically.  I need breakfast and I need to leave my apartment early because it’s impossible for me to not be a minute late to everything…But coffee, not so much.  

After I steered clear of the stuff for a couple of months, I started enjoying a cup here and there, mainly a small iced coffee with light ice and soy milk.  But then something terrible happened.  All the sudden, the caffeine was effecting my body in a completely new way.  Every time I drank coffee, I literally had to run to the bathroom five minutes later.  And then five minutes after that.  And ten minutes after that!  But that’s not all.  I would get cramps in random parts of my body and my stomach would feel oddly tight.  I felt as if my system was totally rejecting the coffee.  I started drinking decaf because it was the taste that I really cared about, and I must say, that did help a bit. I guess my body was rejecting the caffeine.  But why it suddenly decided to hate the coffee so much, I have no idea.

To this day, the symptoms haven’t ceased.  I probably have coffee twice a month and each time I regret it.  Now I’m sitting here at Starbucks with my grande soy misto, sipping caffeinated death coffee while I write about how my body hates it.  Funny how life works.

Ten minutes before I started writing this post I had to run to the bathroom, which was of course occupied. When will I learn? Do I want to learn? I guess sometimes in life we all have to indulge in a little something that we know isn’t the best for us; but because it’s something we enjoy so much we’re willing to deal with the aftermath. 

Maybe my too-much-information coffee shpheel has led to a Hummusapien life lesson. Maybe life wouldn’t be as fun if we didn’t treat ourselves once in a while to the things we know we’ll wish we didn’t do an hour later.  And maybe there is a darn good reason that we all choose to over- indulge even though we know we’ll wish we didn’t, and then wish again five minutes after that when we have to pee for the fourth time in thirty minutes and the door is locked. For me, it’s iced coffee, Late Night Slice at 2am on Fridays, sales at Urban Outfitters, and a long list of other things.  We all have them, don’t we?  There must be a reason why we tell our brains to shut up and let our hearts do all the talking.  If these were just simple regrets, wouldn’t we  learn from our mistakes and not keep repeating them?  Maybe they’re not mistakes at all.

Maybe I shouldn’t have left the library (because they have watery coffee) and went to Starbucks to blog about good coffee when I have an advanced nutrition exam on Monday that I desperately need to study for and I’m planning on going out tonight with the girls dressed as the Kardashians. 

Or maybe I should have.

Life is full of tough choices.  And so is coffee.  But let’s be honest, who wants decaf when there’s bold?

16 thoughts on “Life’s Little Lessons: Part II

  1. This is such a fabulous post! Unfortunately, I am not “allowed” to have coffee either because of my reaction to caffeine…a.k.a. caffeine attack! Chocolate does not apply….okay it does but who’s counting the small amount anyways?! 😉

  2. I LOVE this post. So thoughtful, and you are pretty! So feel you on those Urban sales haha. They get my bank account every time.
    I always get rushes and crashes from any type of caffine, especially coffee. Though I still drink it about every morning, and make sure I get my work done during the “rush” haha. I get so much done in about an hour, but definitely need a nap after. Funny how life works!

  3. haha this post was amazing! love the irony of me sitting here on a sunday morning reading this instead of doing the billion things i have to do by tomorrow but i’ve decided this is part of my education now. who would have thought at 2 am last night I would learn so much about processed soy anyway (which i am not about to google and i’m sure be horrified how right you are haha).

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