more pumpkin?

And the pumpkin trials continue.

This morning Nik and Lauren made my pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes with great success.  My dad’s also making them tonight and insisting on putting sesame seeds in them since he’s yet to find something that doesn’t taste delish with sesame seeds.  He is also making my damncakes into waffles.  We’ll see how this all goes.

Meanwhile, Ally and I went to Whole World for the very much anticipated Big Vegan Breakfast.  And let me tell you…it delivered.

Once again, we were convinced that they subbed real sausage for their homemade vegan sausage.  I couldn’t get over how meaty it looked and tasted.  The waitress said it’s a combo of a bunch of different things, including walnuts, wheat gluten and tofu.  Bottom line, it was amazing and I happily ate my leftovers at the library three hours later.

Along with a host of other snacks of course.

I almost cried when I saw individual Mott’s natural applesauce (aka no added sugar, just apples and water) at Target. So great for on the go snacking!

But what I really want to talk about today is my new favorite breakfast.  I look forward to waking up in the morning because of how delish this is.  All I do is make a single serving pumpkin muffin using this recipe and sub a heaping tablespoon of my vanilla protein powder in for a tablespoon of the ww flour.  I also add in a bit more pumpkin and a pack of stevia to sweeten it. Microwave times vary, but start with 45 seconds and go from there.  When I made the original recipe, it only took 45 seconds.  With the protein powder and an extra tbsp of pumpkin, it took over a minute and half! So watch carefully to avoid a rubbery muffie.  The muffin packs about 15 grams of protein and the pumpkin disguises the protein powder flavor extraordinarily well.  I’m addicted.

I usually whip up a green smoothie in the magic bullet that my coworkers say “I use like it’s going out of style” in order to round out the breakfast.  It’s pretty divine.

Almost as divine as the smiley pizza bagels LiaBanana and I made last week.

Almost as divine as the look on her face when she took a bite and said “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod? ohmygod! ohmygod?! OH EM GEE this is delicious!”

Almost as divine as when she said “Can you be my personal chef when I’m all grown up so I can have this delicious food when I’m famous?”

Who could say no to a face like that?


14 thoughts on “more pumpkin?

  1. Oh, she’s gorgeous 🙂 As is that muffin, and your snacks, and the breakfast! Seriously, so much deliciousness in one post! I would also love individual unsweetened apple sauce sachets, although quite frankly I think I could eat a whole jar in one sitting if I let myself. Perhaps another reason the single serves would be good…

  2. LOved the pubkin pancakes, converted to waffles and with the ever-present sesame seeds adding to the delicousness. WIsh I could send you a pic of how great those waffles looked!!

  3. That vegan breakfast looks amazing i think we should make that the breakfast destination for one morning next weekend! and I can’t believe I still haven’t made that muffin after tasting yours and knowing is soo amazing, clearly a trader joes trip is necessary tomorrow so I can make it this week.

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