Let’s freshen up on our vocabulary, shall we?

But wait.  A highly important little something happened last week.

LiaBanana took a bite of her salad and all the sudden a look came across her face that I thought would be followed by a loud shriek.  But instead, there was a smile, a large gap, and a “I LOTH MY TOOTH!”

Oh dear.  She had just finishing talking about how she thinks her mom is the tooth fairy because she found all her teeth in the drawer the other day.  I logically corrected her, explaining that the tooth fairy knew she wanted to keep her teeth and that’s why she left them in the drawer. 

SaunBauna and I confirmed that she looked like the perfect six-year-old with one of her two front teeth missing.  She became more prfect when she enlightened me with some new vocab, explaining out of the blue that “my new best friend is a meatatologist.”

“What’s a meatatologist?”

“Some one who eats a lot of meat and loves meat, duh.” 


noun; 1. Some one who eats a lot of meat and loves meat, duh.  “My new best friend is a meatatologist.”

Oh!  So, what are you?  A vegatologist?”


noun; 1. Some one who loves vegetables and eats a lot of vegetables, duh.  “Alexis is obsessed with roasting vegetables, perhaps because she is a vegatologist.”  Synonyms: hummusapien, vegetarian

“No, a sweetatologist.” as she digs into SaunBaun’s homemade apple crisp.

Now she’s got me thinking.  I guess I’m a self-proclaimed vegatologist, hummustologist, chocolatologist and iced-coffee-with-soymilktologist. Define them as you will.

Another new word I learned…


verb; 1. The act of removing something from a stuck state. “This won’t come off so will you unstucken it?”

I learned the next word when I was reading to Lia before bed.  That is, before she sang her tooth rap: “My tooth is in my pillow and my pillow’s in my tooth! Oh yeah my tooth’s in my pillow and my pillow’s in my tooth, uh huh!!”


Adjective; 1. Confused, perplexed. “I am so flummoxed about this math problem.”

 I, Hummusapien, am flummoxed.  Flummoxed as to how a six-year-old sweetotologist could be smart enough to say, “We don’t even need tooth fairies.  I mean you lose your tooth, you forget about it and you move on.”

It must be all those Selena Gomez music videos she watches.

* * *

To do list:

   1) Make a batch of quinoa.  Roast some mushrooms, onions, garlic cloves and sliced eggplant and combine with the quinoa.  Don’t get mad when you spill it on your textbook….that just means you can’t study it anymore.

2. Go to Northstar and get the turkey hash with tofu.   Promise yourself that you’ll recreate it at home even though you know you’re a busy bee and probably won’t.

3.  Make this. Then go to TJ’s, buy kale, make the recipe again and pour the sauce all over your sautéed kale. Pack it all up in Tupperware because let’s be real, you can’t remember the last time you ate out of a real bowl.

4.  Watch Forks Over Knives while eating these.  Yes, that means more pumpkin.

I may need to add pumpkintologist to that list.


13 thoughts on “vegatologist

  1. Hahahah LiaBanana is hilarious! 😀
    I have heard about this Forks Over Knives vid-I realllyyy want to see it!
    Your eats…especially the pasta dish look cheerific
    cheerific (adj) cheesy + terrific 😀

  2. haha this is great! kids come up with the funniest sayings
    looks like a good to-do list with me! I always eat out of tuppaware..and lately I’ve been eating some of my meals to go out of solo cups..keeping it classy

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