the writing on the wall

I’ve been MIA because these past couple weeks were filled with non-stop studying. Boo.  Luckily I had great snacks to keep me going, like butternut squash fries and coffee that I regretted by chapter three.

As I was walking out of my exam last Wednesday, I noticed a little love note that some one left me on the wall.

Hmmm.  Leaving an insightful note about God, a phone number, a bizarre quote, a haphazard attempt at graffiti…all normal.  But I heart soy?  That’s probably the last thing I’d ever write on a wall second to I heart Trader Joe’s original hummus.

Better than this, right?

Oh dear.  We’re in college, people.

I think it’s fair to say that if you’re writing POOP  and *troll face* on the wall than you have lost the game.  You should go eat some tofu and write about it on the wall with purple paint.

In other news, the Buckeyes won!



* * *

Nik and I went to Cafe Bella this morning and it was phenomenal as usual.  If you haven’t been, you are really missing out. It’s a quirky little gem about three minutes from campus.  There is no menu–the chef serves up whatever local produce he has on hand that day.  He can make a wonderful meal no matter if you’re a vegetarian, meat-lover, vegatalogist, allergic to soy, etc.  Everything is served family style and it’s always nothing short of delicious.

“Cafe Bella is an evolving concept, restaurant and catalyst for neighborhood and community development. Untraditional in style and service, there are no set menus as food is purchased that day and dishes are created to showcase the bounty’s quality and freshness. Our menu usually consists of a vegetarian dish and a chicken or fish offerring; salads, subs and pastas are also served. Prices are suggested, but not set. Hours are Tuesday through Sunday.”

Did I mention the owner has donated 500,000 pounds of fresh vegetables to local food pantries and food banks to date? Go to support this effort, if nothing else.

First course: banana bread oatmeal.  Made that name up because there’s no menu so it’s always a surprise!

Second course: fresh vegetable salad and potato kale hash

The owner then offered us some of his homemade cider with cinnamon and cloves.  Nikki said it was the best apple cider she’d ever had.  Our reaction was a little something like this.

Did I mention that all this was only SEVEN DOLLARS??  In other words, it was free.

More pictures from past Cafe Bella trips:

According to wikipedia, “the writing on the wall” is a euphemism for impending doom that is so obvious only a fool would not see it coming. It also provides the origin for the similar expression “your days are numbered.”

There may be impending doom if you don’t try Cafe Bella.

 Impending doom on your taste buds.  Impending doom on your wallet.

And impending doom on all the hungry people in Columbus that thrive from the business you give Cafe Bella.


6 thoughts on “the writing on the wall

  1. HAHAHAHAH I am still laughing with the reaction of the apple cider and Paula Deen. HILARIOUS!

    This Cafe Bella place sounds delicious. How would you compare is to Whole World?

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