we found dove in a soapless place

Ya know that catchy Rihanna song you’ve been hearing thrice daily on the radio?

The girls like to say “we found Dove in a soapless place.”

And they’re divas, so what they say goes.

We had a little too much fun with my new picture apps.  And turning the camera into a flashlight.

Since no one likes to read long blog posts, here is my week in pictures!

Trader Joe’s trip: I ate the 1/4 of my favorite hummus on my way home.  16 servings is a joke.

Triscuits or TJ’s version?   THAT is the question.  The answer? TJ’s version! Triscuits are usually on sale for $2.75 at your standard grocery store.  The TJ’s version is always $2.29 and it’s made me safflower/sunflower oil, which I prefer over soybean oil.  Let’s face it, who needs more crappy genetically modified soy in their diet?  NOT I!

I made fabulous kale chips with TJ’s new Smoked African Sea Salt, nooch, and pepper.  The smoked sea salt made SUCH a difference.  I’ve been obsessed with smoky things lately.

Paired with smoky tempeh, with ketchup and mustard of course.  I know you won’t believe me, but the crunch of the kale chips and the smokiness of the tempeh really made me feel like I was eating a healthy hot dog and chips!  Divine.

P.S  I am in love with TJ’s almond butter if you didn’t already know.  One of my favorite breakfasts is two pieces of Ezekiel sprouted bread slathered with almond butter, banana and cinnamon. You can’t go wrong!

Dinner tonight is a frozen TJ’s non-dairy pizza that is secretly the same as the Amy’s brand.  For not having cheese, it’s strangely creamy–in a good way!  Very enjoyable.

Other recent eats having included a heart minestrone soup and pumpkin brownie pie.  The roommates were quite excited.

Ugly picture, fantastic soup!  Full of onions, carrot, tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, kale, beans and whole wheat elbow macaroni.  I added nooch and balsamic vinegar and the end and couldn’t have been happier with the final product.

We were supposed to let this pie cool for two hours, but let’s be real.  I put it in the freezer for ten minutes and called it a night.  Definitely adding it to the Thanksgiving to-make list. 

Half gone…tear.

And here’s some more writing on the wall in case “I heart soy” wasn’t enough.

Happy 21st birthday, Jen!  Remember when we were freshman?

Remember when Nikki and I turned 21? We don’t!

Now it’s your turn!


14 thoughts on “we found dove in a soapless place

  1. Once again, the food looks incredible (especially the pumpkin brownie pie, but I think I might be a bit biased bc of my love of sweets)! But, I have to tell you that you’re wrong. I don’t mind long posts at all! Keep ’em coming.

    P.S. Sorry it took me so long to comment on here. Your blogs are awesome!

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