This weekend was the last date party of college career.

I can’t believe how the time has flown by.

Will I still get super excited when I find a dress I love buried in the sale section at Urban?

I hope so.

Will my roommates and I still spend twenty minutes trying to find the perfect playlist when we’re getting ready?

I hope so.

This weekend was also the last home game of my college career.

The last time I’ll spend game day with my high school friends.

The last time we’ll dance till our feet hurt before we walk over.

The last time I’ll eat an overly salty pretzel and five bites of some one’s Danatos pizza at the stadium.

Not too sad about that one.

The last time we’ll do the wave because we don’t realize we’re supposed to be doing O-H-I-O.

The last time I’ll watch OSU lose to Penn State.



12 thoughts on “Last’s

  1. loooooooooove this post.
    luckily for you, i’ll be here for another 3 (4, uhh, 5?) years, so you can come visit and relive your college days with me haha.
    ps your hair looks gorgeous! we’re boudn to run into one another at urban one day

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