Have you ever seen Wall-E?

If you haven’t, you must go see it.  It’s an adorable movie with a powerful message.

Did you know that “it’s been exactly 30 years since the Secretary of Agriculture proposed declaring ketchup a vegetable in order to avoid serving actual whole foods to children eating government subsidized lunches?”

I recently got an email from the American Dietetic Association about Congress declaring pizza a vegetable.  Yes, the two tablespoons of tomato paste are now qualifying pizza to rise to veg status.

Sad, but true.  Wall-E may be more realistic than we think.

* * *

There were many last’s this weekend, but luckily there were just as many first’s!

First and foremost, BROWN RICE at Chipotle.

Repeat: BROWN RICE at Chiptole.

You can’t even see the brown rice in that picture.  I guess I was too excited to care. Oops.

Perfect veg Chipotle experience:  burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, corn salsa, tomato salsa, lettuce and guacamole.  Heaven.

Ever since Carrie told me there was brown rice at the Chipotle she went to in France, I was dying for Chipotle’s around here to catch on.  Then last Monday I got the phone call of all phone calls that our Chipotle on campus had finally delivered.  I was ecstatic.  So ecstatic that I left the library immediately after I heard.

And let me tell you, it was worth it.

Another first was my friends and I making a Challah out of Fly Pie pizza dough. We made friends with the guy who works there after commenting on his disloyalty as he ate a Jimmy John’s pickle.

“I’m vegan,” he said.

Obviously we chatted for hours (ok, minutes) about how he absolutely had to go to Whole World and Cafe Bella and how I couldn’t believe that he’d never been there.  I told him I was obsessed with hummus and he accordingly went to the back and brought out a 16 oz tub of hummus that he snacks on during work and goes through once a week.

We were mildly compatible, I’d say.

Yet another first was the delicious concoction I concocted  for lunch today.

I’m about to head to Cleveland so the food department is really lacking right now.  I did have a bag of fresh brussel sprouts in the fridge so I whipped up sweet and sour brussels sprouts using maple syrup instead of honey and they were FANTASTIC.  They almost taste like orange chicken from a Chinese restaurant.

Side note: I always thought it was brussel sprouts, not brusselS sprouts.  Is any one with me, here? Or have I been living under a rock?  Hmm, that’s embarrassing.

I combined Trader Joe’s convenient quinoa with about half the brussel sprouts and a tablespoon of hemp seeds.  I was very pleased with the results and I was oddly, like ridiculously, full afterwards.

BrusselS sprouts:


Hemp seeds:

Dinner was smoky tofu, spinach with sesame seeds and leftover mushroom pasta:

Now go see Wall-E and remember…

Pizza  is NOT a veggie!


10 thoughts on “first’s

  1. Yummy dinner you had… You will definitely have to make a nice, long post about Thanksgiving. And will you actually eat the turkey???…

    • YES I promise you would love brussel sprouts. They’re like tofu…people say they don’t like them but really they’ve just never had them prepared right!

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