Ho ho ho, merry Christmas!  Here I am blogging at Starbucks like any jewish person would today.

But some one is on the naughty list.

No, not my girlfrand ballerina troll.

Not these either.  Finishing two pints of purely decadent coconut and almond milk ice cream with the roomies is nothing short of naughty, though.

Way too cute to be naughty.  Unlike that excessive amount of organic mustard.

Even though we chase him around the neighborhood when it’s pitch black and freezing due to his innate “call of the wild,” tackle him without success and then come home smelling like the bag of salami we bribed him with, Niko is way too cute to be naughty. 

And even though Cole pees in the house like it’s a grass field, Cole is also way too cute to land himself on the naughty list.

Pictionary. Do you get it?

Yes, I am naughty to the highest degree.

Dear Hanukkah Harry,

I regret to inform you that my blogging this month has been quite sparse. I have been eating copious amounts of vegtastic food and not blogging about the deliciousness.  Sorry.

If it isn’t too much trouble, I would still love a recipe for  vegan chocolate chip cookies that don’t taste like cake, a huge jar of canned lentils from Heinen’s, a sparkly winter hat, and a killer salad dressing where the first ingredient isn’t soybean oil.  And another faux fur vest.

Thanks, Harold.  Youda man.


The naughty Hummuspaien