What I ate Wednesday…


One egg + two egg whites cooked sunny side up with whole wheat toast and half a grapefruit.


Post workout + yoga class, I had a vanilla Chobani (lowest sugar of any of the flavored greek yogurts) and some dark chocolate almonds.  It was a stellar combo.  Another blurry pic thanks to the lighting in Human Nutrition 611.


Salad with tofu. This was pretty sad since it was eaten on the bus on the way to class from work.  People were staring because I was still wearing my hair net, little did I know.


Nanner with sunflower seed butter.  And then large amounts of hummus with Triscuits and hot sauce.

We made fried food in my hospitality management cooking class, so I had to try a fried pickle and a fried potato.  And a hush puppy and perhaps an onion ring.



Dinner tonight was quinoa fried rice and it was seriously fabulous.  I want to make it again tomorrow–it’s that good!  I used this recipe as a guide but I didn’t measure anything.

Dessert was yummy as well.  I blended a frozen sliced banana, a spoonful greek yogurt, almond milk, cinnamon,  and vanilla in the magic bullet.  It tasted like a dreamy banana snickerdoodle smoothie. I ate it before I could get a blog-worthy pic.

Hope your day was delish!