Super Full

My roommates and I knew what we were cooking for the Super Bowl before we knew who was playing.  I still don’t know who’s playing.


I do know that we feasted on delicious veggie fare chock full of healthified versions of our favorites.  We definitely did not sacrifice flavor, people. 

The spread:

Black Bean Chilli Dip and chips

Avocado Ranch Dip with carrots and celery

Spinach and Artichoke dip with rye Triscuits

Sweet Potato Fries

Margherita pizza


Cookie dough balls

My favorites would have to be the cookie dough balls and the spinach and artichoke dip.

We can never get over the cookie dough.  It’s the easiest recipe ever, on top of being raw and vegan.  But don’t let that fool you.  They’re DOWNRIGHT CRAZY WEIRD GOOD.

They should call it the Super Full instead of the Super Bowl. I can barely breathe here.

Back to the superbowl Sex and the City marathon.  And studying for the GRE that’s at 8 am tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Super Full

  1. Tonight was my favorite Super Bowl ever! So many snacks that were amazingggg AND not unhealthy (except that I ate about a weeks worth, oh well its only once a year). Sex and the City is unquestionably more interesting than the game, and my home work for that matter. I can’t wait until we start doing roommate dinner omg its going to be so great!

  2. I couldn’t even imagine the super bowl without your super balls, it would be like having a football game with no football. Overall though I think our spread was dreamy and we need to start making up occasions to do it more often.. (hmm valentines day themed.. I think yes!)

  3. Knowing my daughter as I do, she DID have no idea who was palying in the game. Thus I love when she said Madonna, admittedly a great line! Don’t believe me? She texted me during the game, “Hope the Steelers lose!” As a Browns fan, I would love that to be the case–as it was a year ago today, but this year they were Tebowed (Alexis, ask Jimmy) in Denver, never even sniffed the Super Bowl, and were watching it like the rest of us.
    Sorry Lex, someone had to throw some football into the discussion!

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