It’s love your veggies month, right Jen?

I can’t remember a month when I didn’t love my veggies.

Without further adieu…


Overnight oats with cocoa powder, pumpkin, chia seeds and maple syrup + Grape Nuts for crunch (in my beautiful new mason jars).


Romaine salad with two homemade veggie burgers + this dressing. LOVE.  Plus blueberry muffin larabar, one of my faves.

And an apple after I ran to the bus.  Notice the “A.”  We have to label everything in our apartment because we now all buy the same exact staple groceries, i.e. spinach, frozen bananas, apples, Amy’s burritos, Ezekiel bread, almond milk, rolled oats, larabars, sunflower butter, maple syrup, greek yogurt, hummus).

Time out.  How cute is this baby snowman?  Cute enough for me to awkwardly stop and take a picture.

I was famished before dinner so I made a quick pumpkin pie smoothie.  If you know me, you know I’m a messy cook. 


Dinner was unreal.  I roasted a pint of cherry tomatoes and about six cloves of garlic.  Then I combined them with caramelized onions, fresh basil, spinach and whole wheat pasta.

Snack while I’m blogging is Bear Naked triple berry crunch granola + Grape Nuts with TJ’s vanilla almond milk.  No other almond milk compares.

 P.S. Every week I have to go back  and edit these posts to add in the snacks I ate post blogging.

So don’t get too comfy.