the things I do for a good dressing

My teachers probably think I’m texting/tweeting/pinteresting/facebook messaging during class.

But I’m actually looking at thirteen food blogs.  This is what my  Business MHR notes look like:

Let me know if you missed class today and need to copy them. 

Fried chickpeas > equity principles.

Some one is confused about first and last names. (Her name is Lauren Tonti, not Tonti Lauren. “Smart phone” my arse.)

Dreaming about silken tofu green goddess dressing is fine during class; but have you ever tried walking across campus with your nose buried in twenty-two recipes?

Some time it’s fine.  In fact, I’d say I get away with it 95% of the time. 

However, 5% of the time, when I’m picturing what I’m going to eat when I get home + what I’m going to cook for dinner + what I’m going to have for breakfast tomorrow + when I’m going to roast my asparagus + when I’m going to make another batch of cookie dough balls + when I’m going to get a fourth job to fund my grocery bills….

So, was the dressing worth the embarrassment of walking into a fence?

I mean, do pigs have snouts?

Is the sky blue?

Am I out of parsley?

YES to all of the above.

Susan’s Lite Goddess dressing tastes like a dream plus seventeen.  Not to mention it has a mind-blowing nutrition profile.

I hate store-bought dressing.  It’s either full of fat and calories, full of artificial crap I can’t pronounce, too expensive, or flat-out not good.  Unlike this gem.

These are my current rotations: balsamic, green goddess, or soy-mustard dressing.  If I’m too lazy for those, then I’ll use Frank’s red hot and dijon mustard.  Or hummus. 

I would  definitely give an arm and a leg for Northstar’s house dressing recipe.

But in the meantime, I’ll keep my limbs and just eat this.  With a spoon.

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