WIAW #6 + Live Fit

Ever since Clean Eating Chelsey inspired me to start the Live Fit program , these What I Ate Wednesdays are more like what did I not eat Wednesdays. I have noticed a lot of great changes, but along with those positive changes comes the fact that I am always hungry, even more so than usual. Sometimes that is a really frustrating feeling, but luckily I’ve mastered the process of learning what fills me up and what doesn’t.  It’s ok to embrace the fact that eating nearly an entire block of tofu + a pan of roasted vegetables is better than having a smaller dinner and feeling unsatisfied and snackity all night.  And yes, I do still snack throughout the night– a lot!

 Back to the good changes.  I started the program struggling to do three sets of 12 push ups.  On my knees. It was really hard.  Now I can do three sets of twelve normal push ups, not on my knees, and I can’t tell you how strong, accomplished and motivated that makes me feel.  I think I am also beginning to actually visibly see some results (mostly in my arms), which pushes me to complete the workout each day.  I use machines I never thought I would and I’m challenging myself with higher weights that I ever imagined I would be using.  I used to do triceps extensions with 12.5 pounds and I now use 20 pounds. 

Another wonderful change is that of the decrease in cardio.  I think people my age, especially girls, obsess over the number they see next to calories burned at the end of their cardio session.  I can’t tell you how many times I got on the arc trainer or treadmill for forty minutes, burned 450 calories, and got off feeling unsatisfied.  Was I sweaty? Yes. Was I sore the next day?  No.  Was I gaining any muscle?  Not really.  Focusing more on strength training has made me so much stronger in such a short period of time and I never could have accomplished that by doing just cardio.  I am not suggesting that one should eliminate cardio from their workout routine entirely, but I will definitley not be doing cardio every time I go to the gym once this program is over.  I love waking up feeling sore and knowing I worked muscles in my back that I didn’t even know existed. 

I’ll never go back to doing cardio four times a week and doing random bicep, tricep and ab workouts here and there.  Yes, I weigh more than I did before the start of the program.  But I don’t care about gaining weight. I care about loving the way I look and feel.  So here’s to week 5!

And here’s to today’s eats:



Garbanzo bean flour pancakes with berries, flax, coconut, banana and maple syrup.



Super blurry sunflower seed butter and jelly sandwhich on whole wheat + cucumbers and hummus + an apple + a serving of raw almonds.


Then we had our cooking lab which was breakfast themed…meaning I ate some egg whites with spinach and a couple bites of chocolate chip pancakes.

I snacked on a grapes + pecan raisin bread while I babysit along with some peppermint tea.




Round 1: A bunch of leftover tofu and argula (shown as half eaten).


Round 2: The family I babysit for got take out from Royal Giner and it was delish! I had some brown rice with broccoli and garlic sauce, sweet and sour soup and some unpictured veggie dumplings. 


I then made Mama Pea’s delish wannabe cinnamon toast crunch cereal, which I enjoyed with some amond milk. The things you can do with garbanzo bean flour!!

I also made tahini lemon rice and beans for tomorrow’s lunch. Massive amounts of cooking happens on the rare occasions that I don’t have exams to study for.

Aaaaaand I just had some organic vegan supreme dark chocolate (72% cocoa), obviously.

Whew! Goodnight foodies.

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