My group and I just spent hours finishing our hospitality management paper on a make-believe frozen yogurt shop called “The Yo.”  Glad that’s over.

My legs are killing me right now. Jamie Eason whooped my butt today.  Literally.

ImageThat’s today’s workout.  Can you believe I made it to Week 5?! Me either.

I just noticed I have calluses on my hands.  Woah.

I can’t wait to go to bed, but I couldn’t bare to hit the sack without showing you my eats first!



Pumpkin smoothie made with canned pumpkin, vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, frozen banana, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and vanilla brown rice protein powder + sprouted bread with sunflower seed butter.

Mid-morning snack


Homemade oatmeal square from Mama Pea’s cookbook.



Kale salad with almonds, cucumber, dried cherries, chickpeas and a little falafel.



Unpictured boatload of hummus and finn whole wheat crackers +two bowls of puffed brown rice cereal with almond milk and a little agave.

+ peppermint tea and an egg  and a clementine while I babysit.



Mushroom Chickpeatza with a huge sauteed zucchini.  SO filling (probably because it’s packed with so much fiber and an impressive amount of protein, too). I ate this around 830pm so I didn’t do my usual late night snacking of hummus/crackers/popcorn/eggs/bread + peanut butter/dessert.

I was actually shocked how long the pizza kept me full.  I usually can’t go more than two hours without eating after dinner.

Okay, maybe I had a macaroon. Or two.  Dipped in melted chocolate chips.

ImageThese macaroons are GOOD.  It’s amazing how buttery coconut makes things.  Even when I make popcorn on the stove with coconut oil, every one thinks there’s butter.  It’s like ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” without a trillion chemicals!

Goodnight fergilicous foodies!


6 thoughts on “WIAW #7

  1. The food looks great, and I agree with Kaitlin about your new super toned arms, but I want to see the results of all those squats and lunges!

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