Finals Are Bananas

Finals?  What are finals?

The more appropriate question is, what do we do instead of studying for them?

We grab our black bananas and bake deliciously divine chocolate chip banana bread.  It’s whole wheat and vegan, but shhhh!  You’d never know that there wasn’t a stick of butter and a cup of refined white sugar in there.

We’re following that low carb/low sugar spring break diet, ya know?

Funny joke.

Then the rest of the roommates swarm in and we bust out the Earth Balance and maple syrup.  It’s serious. Warm, dare I say moist banana bread with melty butter dripping with pure maple syrup?

Luckily lentil sloppy joes on a toasty bun with mustard is on the menu as well.  Waaaaay better than standing out in the cold waiting for pizza.

You’re very welcome, Lauren.

I once again pose this important question: what are finals?

If black bananas and black lentils were my final exam… I’d ace it.

Just sayin’.


4 thoughts on “Finals Are Bananas

  1. I applaud the photography skills, even my mouth is watering and I just ate the thing! I think our loaf out does the original! beat that emily!

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