Food, Fam and Florida

Hellloooo long lost blog world!  Let me start off by explaining why it’s been ages since I’ve blogged.

I went on Spring break to Florida for a week without my lovely computer.

While in Florida, Nikki and I were extras for the movie Springbreakers.  We stood a foot away from Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens.  NO BIG DEAL. See them in the middle in the blue and green bathing suits?  Starstruck.

“I love you like a love song, baby.” But really.

Then I came back from Florida and got sick.

Then I got a tad bit lazy :/

Excuses, excuses. 

Let’s get down for business and make up for lost time.  I know you’re all wondering what  I’ve been eating/cooking/dreaming about eating/cooking, so allow me to fill you in.

  • First of all, I am so excited to say that I was accepted into Ohio State University’s combined Masters in Nutrition and Dietetic Internship program!  By 2014, I will officially be a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in the Science of Nutrition.  Bow chicka wow wow!

  • I am no longer vegan!  I have been eating eggs (usually organic) and fish occasionally.  Being home for Passover meant lots of lox.  I still eat a predominantly plant-based, whole foods diet, excluding meat and dairy.  Many days out of the week, my meals are all vegan.  I pretty much want to focus on whole foods and eat as little out of a package as possible.  So I better finish those egg-shaped dark chocolate covered marshmallows that Natalie gave me in my Easter basket, huh?

  • My dogs like to eat each other and it scares me.  It’s hard to remember that they’re just best friends playing when they look like they’re going to eat each other’s faces off.
  • We went to a raw vegan restaurant in Tampa called Vida de Cafe and let me tell you, the food was fabulous!

  • We also did some healthy grocery shopping in FL.  We pretty much lived on organic eggs, Ezekiel bread, Sabra hummus + carrots, Amy’s burritos, bananas and oatmeal all week.

  • My sister Erin is due July 24th!  How fabulous is that stroller?!

  • I made macaroons, zucchini potato muffins, and roasted vegetables for Passover.  I highly recommend these recipes!  Everyone absolutely loved them.  We also had roasted chicken, brisket and  matzo ball soup.  All homemade, of course.

I hope you all had a great Easter/Passover weekend! 


8 thoughts on “Food, Fam and Florida

  1. Welcome back! It sounds like you had a great vacation – and an exciting one 🙂 Your food shots look delicious, especially your recent Passover / Easter creations. And congratulations to your sister!

  2. I’m getting caught up on your posts now and im SO SO happy about everything in this post!
    1. congrats on getting into the nutrition masters program here! my brother just got accepted into the health management systems grad school for osu so I know how tough their grad programs are. Congrats my little soon-to-be RD!
    2. you and your sister are beauuuutiful, both of you! And good luck to her on the last few months of pregnancy.
    3. EGGS AND FISH. you already know how i feel about that 😀 😀

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