You Either Love It or Hate It

Coconut is one of those things where you either love it or hate it.

Like blue cheese,  mushrooms and Elton John.

And cats.

…which is weird because coconut is a hundred times better than blue cheese.  And it blows Elton John and his cat out of the water.

Coconut oil is a perfect moisturizer and makeup remover.  After I slather it on my legs that are currently peeling, I’ll put a few tablespoons in a big pot on the stove and make the butteriest popcorn sans butter that you’ve ever had.

And after that I’ll use unsweetened coconut flakes in oatmeal, pancakes or just straight into my mouth–no vehicle necessary.  Then maybe after that I’ll grab a can of coconut milk and make macaroons or curry or something.

Then I’ll make the most moist, butterywithoutbutter, sugar-free, grain-free, dairy-free PALEO muffins you’ve ever had.  Buttery, coconut banana bread in muffin form. 

I only put extra coconut on one, in an attempt to only eat one. That failed miserably.

MAN are these good.  Check out Elana’s Pantry immediately to get the recipe for these banana walnut muffins.  Her blog is perfection–filled with glorious gluten-free, whole foods recipes. 

Coconut flour is a little pricey, but well worth it in my opinion.  It is packed with fiber (six grams in two tablespoons) and insanely delicious. 

The coconut flour cost me about six dollars.  Since I think of prices in terms of Chipotle, I would say without a shred of coconut doubt that it was well worth the burrito bowl I could have gotten with that six dollars.

I have been craving sweets like a mad woman, so indulging in a muffin with no added sugar (purely from dates and bananas) makes the satisfaction ten times better.   I also added two packets of stevia in the raw instead of liquid stevia in addition to subbing 1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut instead of the walnuts.


If you’re bored and don’t feel like baking, I suggest you play a game where you have to think of things that people either love or hate.  You’ll be dying of laughter in three minutes flat.

So far we have onions, tomatoes, pickles, working out, social networking, chocolate ice cream, smoked salmon, roller coasters, tequila, goat cheese, honeydew, salt and vinegar chips, olives, milk, answering text messages, meeting boyfriend’s parents, love, mayonnaise, smoking, black beans, and a woman named Judi that fell off our raft during white water rafting.

Your turn!



8 thoughts on “You Either Love It or Hate It

  1. judi made the blog- bless her heart, and yours! those muffins look fantabulous!! p.s. glad you’re liking the coconut flour, made our trip to mustard seed well worth it!

  2. Amusingly, I used to hate it – but these days I love it! I don’t know quite how the change happened but I think chocolate coconut butter may have had something to do with it 😛 Your muffins look great!

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