Free Northstar Burgers

Funny story.

But first of all, Happy Earth Day!  Try to turn your computer off after your read this and turn the water off after you brush your teeth.  Let’s save the world, people!

Northstar is kind enough to give away free veggie burgers on Earth Day.  These aren’t your average boring-fall-apart-tasteless-frozen veggie burgers.  They look AND taste the part and are healthy to boot.  Plus, you get a delicious little side salad doused in a vinaigrette whose recipe I’d give an arm and a leg for.

Excited to sink my teeth into veggie heaven, I drove over to Northstar, by myself, and proceeded to wait in line for over thirty minutes in this unseasonably chilly weather.

Then it was finally my turn to order. “Veggie burger, vegan-style (love the rosemary foccacia) and coffee please!”

“That’ll be sixteen dollars and one cent.  I have a penny if you don’t!”

Huh? Yep, they aren’t free until after 3:00.  Figures.  Judging by the extensive line, I’d say I wasn’t the only one shocked by this tragic news.

So if you want a free dinner, head to one of Northstar’s three locations since it’s currently 3:09, which means free.

I did find a really great looking nutty dressing recipe while I was waiting, though.  (Trader Joe’s raw, unsalted almond butter on Ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast is currently my favorite snack.)  I’m always down for a good dressing!

If you aren’t in the mood for a free veggie burger, I highly recommend you head over to Explorer’s Club, one of my favorite Columbus restaurants.

The unique cuban-fusion really delivers in taste and quality. I ordered the lemon-thyme tofu with charred vegetables, black beans and brown rice.  I couldn’t even tell it was tofu hidden under the garlicy lemon marinade.  It was so different and so delicious.

My dad ordered the linguine with shrimp and cabbage in a lemon cream sauce. WOW.  Absolutely fantastic.  Clean, lemony, white-wine greatness.  My dad said it was one of the best pasta dishes he had ever had.  That says a lot coming from a Jewish, non-Italian guy, right?

Good food, good family.  Great weekend.


4 thoughts on “Free Northstar Burgers

  1. did sam tell you about our northstar experience? lets just say we tried to save you a bite of our dark chocolate truffle that happened to be free but something happened and it literally disappeared sometime on the ride home.

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