It’s that time again–What I Ate Wednesday!

Special thanks to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for creating this awesome idea!

Fall is definitely in the air.  This beautiful leaf was stuck to my windshield today after driving in the rain. Talk about a photo opp.


Egg whites with hummus and hot sauce + a banana coconut muffin with almond butter.  Not the best photo opp.


BBQ luna burger over romaine and spinach and Trader Joe’s reduced-guilt guacamole greek yogurt dip (so delish) thinned out with veggie broth for the dressing +  celery and hummus.


I also had some roasted wasabi edamame before I worked out. They’re packed with protein and fiber and super tasty except when you get one so spicy that your nose drips and your eyes water.  Truth.

Snack  II

I snacked on some heavenly eggplant parmesan around 5pm.


I took the girls to Dewey’s pizza for dinner while their parents went out. We ordered half Killer Veggie and half Green Lantern (pesto, artichokes, goat cheese, mozzarella and red sauce).  I am OBSESSED with pesto and goat cheese on pizza

We also split a Greek salad.

After the pizza, we were craving something sweet so we headed over to Orange Leaf frozen yogurt.  We only had $4.00 left so we all split chocolate cake batter with raspberries and dark chocolate chips (plus four pieces of candy corn for Lia).  I rarely eat frozen yogurt (I prefer Jeni’s ice cream) so it was a nice change, but I still think frozen yogurt is too sweet for my liking.

When I got home, I still wanted MORE sweetness so I snacked on a few dark chocolate covered almonds and craisins.  Once I eat something sweet there’s no telling where it’ll take me.


I loved.loved.loved the total body circuit workout I did today.  It took less than 45 minutes and I was sweating like crazy.  Julie over at pbfingers is amazing!  If you follow me on pinterest, you’re probably aware that I post tons of her workouts.


I’ve been doing a lot more strength training and a lot less cardio.  Less time  at the gym and quicker results is fine in my book!

Did you eat anything particularly humbelievable today? Let’s hear about it!

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