About Me

Hi all! I’m Alexis, a 22-year-old foodie from Cleveland pursuing a masters degree and dietetic internship at Ohio State University.  Food and nutrition are my passion, and they have fueled the whole foods lifestyle that has changed my outlook on health forever.  I want the world to be a place where being healthy isn’t such an obstacle, where people can be healthy if they truly desire to be.  I want every one to find through the  joy and simplicity of cooking his or her maximum healthy potential.

I eat to live. I live to eat.  Heck, I LOVE to eat. My journey to ultimate wellness won’t be complete until I debunk the myth that enjoying a healthy lifestyle is not a challenge, but a fun and exhilarating journey.  With a little avocado, [a lot of] dark chocolate and  a 16 oz. tub of Trader Joe’s hummus, there’s nothing we can’t do.

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27 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Already in love with this blog! I couldn’t think of a better person to share their knowledge about food and nutrition. I cannot wait to see what’s to come!!!!!

  2. Finall, Lex, you have an outlet for your passion for healthy food! Your unique ability to express yourself, plus the mouthwatering recipes and pictures, make this a great place to go to read and learn.

    I wanted to be. Yur first fan, but instead you can call me your best fan! You should let Organic Energy know about this, as they got a nice plug from you.


  3. Alexis I am serious you are SO good at this!!! If this blog doesn’t become famous idk what the internet world is doing. MISSING OUT THATS FOR SURE!

  4. Pingback: Spinach and Artichoke Hummus | hummusapien

  5. Love this! My friend Hilary told me to check it out and I’m glad she did! I go back and forth between vegan and vegetarian and I used to put vegan recipes on my own blog. I’ll be sure to post a link to your blog on mine for my vegan followers! Keep up the good work! xoxo

  6. this is great. you are great. we college kiddies obsessed and overly-crazed about food need to stick together! happiness and health go hand-in-hand and a balance of the two is necessary for getting the most out of life. i look forward to seeing your recipes and if you ever feel like browsing some noms, feel free to come visit me at http://www.ohshineon.wordpress.com/

    my blog can get a little lonely sometimes and would sure love the company!

    – katie at http://www.ohshineon.wordpress.com/

  7. I love this blog!! I’m also from Cleveland and stumbled across this on Twitter and had to leave you a note to let you know how interesting/educational it is!

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