Food Philosophy

“Eat food. Not too much.  Mostly plants.”

-Michael Pollen, In Defense of Food

Let’s get philosophical, shall we?

I believe in a whole-foods way of eating. I try my best to stay away from artificial sweeteners, chemicals, and ingredients like ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.  Who needs EDTA in their pinto beans anyway? I’d rather not see that on the label if it’s also hiding in my cosmetics and cleaning solutions.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard.  I’m a label reader.  An ingredient inspector.  I believe that the quantity and quality of a item’s ingredients are far more important than the grams of fat.  Once we get past the calories and dig deeper into eating actual food and not just single ingredients like fiber and protein, we might just have fuller bellies and smaller waistlines.

In my ideal world, chicken noodle soup would contain  straight chicken, not soy protein isolate.  Banana peppers in a jar would get their electric yellow coloring from turmeric  rather than yellow #5.  And plants would most definitely not be altered in a lab to produce new and more bountiful species.

I looooooove Trader Joe’s. I shop there not only because the prices are right and the labels are super fun to read but because nothing in the store contains any artificial colors and flavors.  Add that to the fact that every employee has a genuine interest in helping you  and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect grocery store. I also love Whole Foods’ 365 brand, which contrary to popular belief is very comparable price-wise to other grocery store house brands.  I  of course love shopping at Farmer’s Markets as well!

Eating is an art, and we should all sit down and enjoy it! Life would be no fun if we didn’t indulge. A piece of dark chocolate every day definitely keeps the doctor away. I would choose Jeni’s ice cream made with local dairy, real cream and ingredients I can pronounce over a low-fat-calorie-free chocolate cake made chemical sweeteners and twenty other foreign substances.

Food should be just that.  Food!

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