Once upon a hummusapien

It all started when I was sitting at Organic Energy  (aka the best thing that ever happened to Solon, Ohio) with my dad whom I affectionately call Faj (think pasta fajioli).  I ordered the…

  1.  Swamp Monster Juice:  pear, carrot, beet, apple, kale. Or simply, green greatness.
  2. Protein Salad: chickpeas, grape tomatoes, cucumber, sunflower seeds, currants, alfalfa sprouts, grilled tempeh on baby spinach with creamy cilantro lime dressing.  I could rave for a page, but I’ll spare you.
  3. Vegan Coconut Cream Pie.  Sold out, obviously.

Fajol ordered bean and cabbage soup—sounds boring, tastes pretty divine.

 When I really enjoysomething, I usually say “Oh my god; this is divine.” But calling that salad beast and fresh juice merely divine would be a grave injustice.  The array of organic veggies and their ridiculously creamy partner in crime were the epitome of divine, thus the classic, “Oh my god; I’m dying,” was in order.  But I actually didn’t die. 

Something happens when I eat something that is beyond good, and it would be a lie to say that a little part of me isn’t happier after each bite.  If a cat has nine lives and a homosapien has one life, then a hummusapien has about a million, considering that I nearly die every time I eat something amazing.  Take the Whole Foods hummus quartet, for example.  When the adorable kiddies that I babysit showed me this goldmine hiding from me in their fridge, I nearly passed out .  I thought, wait–what could be better than Whole Foods black bean hummus? Whole Foods black bean, roasted red pepper, original, AND garlic hummus!!  Humbelievable, I tell you.

My passion in life is all things nutrition, health, and whole foods (the real ones and the store).  I love eating about as much as I love being healthy, so when the two come together, you can imagine the near death experience.  I don’t live for food and nutrition—I die for it.  At least twice a day.

 This day is not only important to me because it marks the day that I  finally start the blog I’ve always wanted to start, but also because it is the day that the Peas and Thank You cookbook is released.

After a quite haphazard parking job, I arrived at Barnes and Noble armed with my tall Starbucks iced coffee- light ice-skip the sweetener-add soymilk at 10:00am sharp to get my hands on the book of all books. Yes, I already pre-ordered one a month ago, but according to Amazon,  it won’t arrive until tomorrow… and let’s be serious, I had to read one today. Mama Pea is my all time favorite blogger, not to mention an inspiring mother/chef/yoga-er/Trader Joe’s connoisseur. Her inexpensive, meatless, straight-up delicious recipes have long inspired me to start my own blog and help my friends and family see how fun it can be to give veggies a little love here and there.  So gracias, Mama Pea!  Honorable mentions go to an extremely hungry Hippie, a glowing gal and Kwirky Katelyn.  You all rock my socks off post after post and cause me to utter those words-that-shall-not-be-named waaaaaaay too often… Dare I say it?

“Oh my god… I’m dying.” 

 I was so excited to start the blog and read Peas and Thank You that I nearly forgot to eat my beautiful-babysitting-toasted oat bran-overnight oats! They sat there in all their delicious glory, accidentally covering the face of a woman who believes in “one easy move to SLIM all over!”  Hmm, sounds familiar. Just like when I  consider telling the babysitting kiddies, “The tooth fairy is real! She’s just a very busy lady.” Believe what you will.

 A million and a half healthy food comas later, here I am, beginning my life long journey loving and talking about all things healthy, humbelievable and dee-vine.   I hope to inspire you all to embrace your inner hummusapien, avocado-sapien, chocolate-sapien…or whatever divine delicacy that defines you.  Because hey, you may die every time you eat double chocolate-single chin brownies, but you only live once!